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My country is one of the poorest in Europe, yet official sources say we`re building churches at a rate of 1 every three days. Plus the biggest cathedral in the country is under construction. They get all the money from the government (a.k.a from taxes imposed on citizens). This is fu*ked up. The health system isn`t working, the education system isn`t working, justice is corrupted..yet we keep building churches. There`s a village in my country with 24 churches!!!!! Apparently, no matter where you are in that village, you`re a few minutes away from a church. 24 churches in a village with ONE police station, ONE medical dispensary (not even a hospital!) and ONE school!!!!! FU*K THE CHURCH AND FU*K the so called PRIESTS acting in the name of GOD. What kind of GOD keeps asking for money and "houses" ?

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  • i separate God from churchs. i think what we believe comes from our life experiences,thus it's different from everyone. the God i pray,would never ask for houses or money.

  • This is why I love seperation of church and state. Im VERY religious and I hate the idea of taxes supporting churches. Jesus never taught a Caliphate. The opposite. He taught people to serve God regardless of Government. Which was new because people were used to theocracies.

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