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My husband suffers from PTSD. He was deployed in Iraq for nearly 15 months. Honestly, I'm debating leaving him. He doesn't get many outbursts, but when he does it goes to violence. I once walked out of the laundry room and he was around the corner. I scared him and his response was to swing; he ended up breaking my nose. There's also been other instances where he'd put his hands on me (but quickly realized what he was doing) and they even have left bruises. I just don't know if I should continue to try support him and get through this or leave because of the abuse.

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  • Leave. Better to bruise his ego than end your life

  • The worse thing you can do is leave him which could very well break his heart. If you truly loved him. Which you apparently don't, you would help him and care for him on every way possible. He fought to defend you and keep the country safe, and he comes home battle scarred to you.. an unfaithful partner, gee, I wouldn't wish you upon any man.

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