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i need advice, I am friends with people of my religion at university, but I have enough of them wanting me to sign petitions and go to religious conferences, I am a devot woman.. at home I pray god and stuff like that but never will I harass someone like that, and I am quite fed up with their movements, like university is not the place, and also I dont believe that their petiton will change something other than put my name on some activist list, which I disagree with.. they dont raise funds for the poor or the orphan , but hey protest.. my example in life is mother theresa I wish to help kids . want to make a lot of money to be able to help orphans, war victims etc. not protest like them freaks protest now and than what ? WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE believe their tiny protest and petition with no fund is going o change policies. They may be from my religion , but I believe harassing people to sign stuff is only going to backfire on religious people, I am scared of what might happen and starting to think of the climate of hate and division it will create at school... damn them young activists, it has been weeks since it started and they did not raise anything for the needy .. just hate and harrasment the thing is I like the religious library, but cannt stand this anymore please help I am about to beat some asses

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  • I agree with everything you said, except the fact you think Mother Theresa is someone you should look up to. You are a way better person than she was. Do not stop being awesome. You probably want to stop hanging out with dickheads that put your name on stuff without even asking you. You will be better off without them.

  • Sounds like every protest ever.

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