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Im a gamer but sometime I hate when another gamer tell how they hate another game and start saying its trash. Hey its a game someone might like it. developers took their time to finish it . Its too hard or too easy for you or you want a perfect game? Instead of calling it trash go be a game designer, entertain us with your idea of a perfect game or the least you can do is create, design your own character and see how other people like that idea of yours and see how easy it is. but if you can't have some respect to the developers too. its ok to give a bad rating and to not like the game but calling other people work trash really pissed me off. Dont tell us what to like and what not to like either! >:C SEE IM EVEN PUTTING IN AN ANGRY FACE! ITS AN ANGRY FACE! DEAL WITH IT!

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  • It's called an opinion...deal with it

  • True, I honestly feel sad when people give a very rude comment about a game, specially the low budget ones, some of the android/apple games, the graphics may not be that good or the game itself, but I always think that it is hard to make a game, so to make them a bit happy, I put positive comments, and a few honest opinions, but I don't let them down.

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