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I need help, it's a moral dilemma. My boyfriend someone whom I believe I can trust has an alcohol problem, the moment his lips touch the stuff he becomes a grade A asshole. I fear if I stay with him one day this will become worse, and I might be out into a situation I can't get out of, I know he's has violent tendencys in have past. But I feel like I can change him, give him a reason to better himself. What do I do? I know it seems simple to people from outside the frame which is why I'm asking you guys. Please help.

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  • Find your happiness somewhere else, love.

  • people cannot change other people. people need to feel the need to change themselves, sometimes they feel this need because of another person. ultimately the surrounding of said person can only help and encourage. if he doesn't consider changing and challenging his problem, please stop believing you're that magical princess who will sort out everything. tell him you would be there for him if he wants to change. if he doesn't do anything, leave him. plus the violence thing is a super red flag. alcohol bings out the bad sides in him, do you really want to be with a violent guy? think of future kids. it would be so dangerous for you and them. good luck, i hope you do the right thing :)

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