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My wife has a tendency to threaten to dump me during fights. I now know she wont, but before i figured it out my abandonment issues got the best of me. I would cut myself and at one point tried to hang myself in the tool shed. Broke a light fixture. I cant live without her and im sure no one else will ever love me and even if they did i couldnt love anyone but her. I just wish she didnt fight dirty. At least now i know its just hyperbole.

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  • She doesn't love you if she threatens to dump you in fights. Divorce and find someone better.

  • sounds like my sisters relationship with her husband... please stop and if she wants to leave just let her and resolve your issues go on a trip on your own and listen to relaxing music visit places you have never been to and be at peace with yourself and maybe you can realise you don't need her and can find yourself someone who truly loves you and that can help you with your issues

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