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i've been living my whole life without having no idea of what carrer to follow,i just found everything so boring. then some time ago i started smoking weed,it changed my life for good,but i still felt kinda ''lost'' about what to do with my life.. in the mean time,i had a very ugly motorcycle crash but i'm making a full recovery. i've been in bed for 5 months now,and i figured out my profession,my carrer. i wanna be a pot grower. it's perfect for me,i always been so closed and practical,some people think i'm some kind of ogre or hermit,altho i recieve a lot of compliments on my looks and etc,i feel like i don't belong close most people.i really feel that i would be so happy growing marijuana,keepin a secret,dealing it. it's the perfect life for me. i'm really happy. i can't wait to get out of this bed and recover from my injury so i can start my plan of growing. it's a real hard life but the challenge excites me. like,it's an underground thing and i love the idea so much,the pain,the struggle,everything seems perfect to me. wish me luck guys.

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  • I'll support you!!! =D

  • I wish you the best of luck!

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