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This is getting annoying, me and my bf fought over something small, he said that he did not said whatever I accused him, I even asked my girl friend if she also heard what my bf said and she said yes, but my bf denied it, when we were alone earlier in the street, he smashed his stuffs onti the floor, when I told him that "I'll call her to confirm if you said it or not" then he was furious and so angry at me, we are both 25, it is annoying how he accuses me of being immature, yes I admit at times, but what I hate is he said and thinks that he is the matured one in our relationship. I don't know what to do anymore, everytime we fight, he becomes so angry and sometimes hold me tightly that it hurts, I don't know if I am going to waste our 2 year relationship. :(

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  • He sounds like a keeper.... you know, with firm hands like that. All jokes aside, me as a guy i'd say look for someone that you can relate to more and dump his ass. You're worth more than constant fighting and bickering :-) good luck.

  • you're not the one 'wasting time' .. if he hurts you, mentally AND physically (!!! which holding you too tight could be), you should leave. even if it's hard .. but he stops you from growing.

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