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My second wife (now ex-wife) always pushed for the well-being of her own two children from her previous marriage. I was so caught up in her act that I severely mistreated my fresh and blood daughter from my previous marriage. We eventually stopped talking. Now I`m divorced from my second wife yet my daughter still won`t talk to me. I feel so sorry about it because, thinking back, she was the only true good kid in the family. My wife`s kids sometimes passed on family holidays but my daughter always came, even when I knew she doesn`t want to be there. She always came. She never asked for money, yet I wasn`t eager to give money to her. I gave my money to my then-wife and her children, thinking that`s how it`s supposed to be. Now, she`s left with the money, I`m alone, miserable and when I tried to contact my daughter, she told me to call my "other children".

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  • Shes hurts and youre finally realising what youve put her through.. she will come around again but never give up saying sorry to her. Tell her the truth. Tell her everything you wanna apologize for. Give her time and space .

  • What a sad story, i really meant it. Some things just can't be fixed. Trust: once it's lost it can never be found.

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