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i've been lying to my boyfriend about something I'm insecure about the entire time we've been together. going to tell the truth soon because I can't handle lying anymore and I want our relationship to be based on something honest if it is going to exist at all. We both believe in loyalty.. i'm hoping for the best. I will understand no matter how he reacts. I deserve whatever I get. I love him soooo much though. he's the greatest person I've ever been lucky to know. sorry I didn't think enough of myself to bring my real self to the table. (btw this is not a catfish situation lol we know each other IRL and it's a lie about my family life)

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  • I think it is something about having a positive and nice family while in reality her family might have financial/drug or love related issues. Either way I'll be rooting for you :-) Go be honest and see if he's worth it.

  • curious too

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