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i desperatly try to make my uni teacher like me, i'm a happy and cheerful person (on the outside) and i love cracking jokes and stuff. but i feel she really seems to hate me. i know i'm not an easy girl, but still. She's cold as ice whenever i'm around and i fear that it will affect my career as well. there are not many peope in my study field and there are yet terrible roumors about me which make me loose jobs. if she really hates me, i'm literally doomed. And the more i try, the colder she gets. and the biggest problem: inside i'm super shy and sensitive and easy to be hurt. i take it really heavy

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  • Keep being kind and respectful to your teacher, but in all honesty, stop trying to make her like you. There are some people in the world who will not like you, whether it's due to conflicting personalities or just their general attitude. And attempting to force a positive relationship with someone when they give no indication of wanting to will most likely annoy them. Just keep being yourself, and just do your best to be a good student, but don't keep trying to force it. And as for the rumors, ignore them. Giving them any attention will hurt you more than anything else, and given time they will die down. Just concentrate on getting through everything, and don't let others rule your life.

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