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I like masculine men I dont care about cooking if he provides for me...if I am at home doing nothing better clean and if we both work I dont mind cooking as long as he helps from time to time in the house ...bring themoney and clothes and you ll never hear me again complining about geder roles...I m not clean freak so if he does not pprecite my cleaning it is his thing... I am clean nd orgnized though come at my house anytime like get over it ok ...find someone with the sme standrd as you. Girls want sexy hot masculine cooker cleaner money giver like seriously...wake up

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  • Gold digging whore alert!

  • Can you not do the 'girls want' thing? It's just stupid. Some girls want girls, for a start. I don't want a 'sexy hot masculine cooker cleaner money giver'. I want someone with the same sense of humour and values as me.

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