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Why is there so many joke photos of large holes with the caption "She said she was a virgin"? I lied when I was a virgin. I was embaassed to admit it. Who lies that they are still one?

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  • A relationship based on a lie will fail. I had the choice once between a girl who said she was a virgin and another. I mentioned that I was a virgin to both of them and that I was waiting. One told me she was raped as a child. I was so moved that she was honest and so sure that I could trust her I married her. I love her more than anything and we have been married for years. In my eyes she IS a virgin. I had the honor of being the one she CHOSE. To me that is a much greater honor. I will also have the honor of being the last she chose as well. Be honest. Tell him your choices and regrets.

  • You dont have to lie. I (m 21, virgin until october) told the girl i was with, that i´m still virgin. She said ok, relax, lean back an enjoy .. Wasn´t that bad .. could have been worse :D (Not so good english, im from germany)

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