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We had a huge fight in our house...basically my dad got mad for a lot of things and just exploded on us. Its horrible but i have learned one thing from this is that everything ends up boiling down to money. My mom gave up her career for u but my dad doesnt respect her in front of us. MONEY IS EVERYTHING

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  • Ive been in those types of fights...theyre always over money. My parents have gotten into physical fights over it. About 2 months ago i got in a physical fight with my mom over not having a job (which means money) i have a job now though. Anyways it does suck...growing up in a family that fights over stuff like that because wares off on you in the future

  • Not necessarily. In some families, cultures and countries it might be. But seek out the places where it isn't; those places are amazing. Believe me.

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