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One of my work colleagues is a 31yo woman, average looking, somehow smart but highly judgemental and with bad standards and priorities. She`s been single for the past 2 years but she`s desperate to have a baby. She`s so desperate she said she`d make a baby tomorrow, if she had a father for the baby. Which is where the problem is: she has really high expectations. She expects her boyfriend-future-husband to take over all her expenses. She told me she dumped one of her ex-boyfriends soon during their relationship because they were supposed to go on holiday and she was disappointed when she heard she had to pay her "side" of the trip. She was so angry telling me this I understood she`s completely convinced it`s her right to be supported by her boyfriend. Well... being a 31 average woman with nothing special about herself, I doubt she`ll find a baby-daddy to spend everything on her. I could understand that for Kate Moss, okay.. but for a random woman to have such expectations..it`s not healthy for her and all I see coming her way is disappointment.

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  • she is too old to have a sugar daddy. missed opportunity already.

  • And why the heck is this bothering you to the point of gossiping about her in here? It's her life, her opinion, she can think whatever she wants, even if she decides to jump off of a bridge, still none of your business

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