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I'm always feeling really ugly. I don't know if it's because I really am or because I overthink a lot. I just recently started highschool. I get made fun of my hair style but they also say it's nice so I have no idea what to believe. I don't get called ugly at school but neither pretty. I'm really shy and don't talk much and we've been 2 months into the school already and this guy has to give me a gift for christmas because that's what the class decided that we should do(give gifts to each other for christmas). He saw my name on the paper and asked "Who's that?" I got so fuc*ing angry because I thought he didn't know my name because I was too ugly for him to know me. After like 1 month into the school this girl comes laughing and running to me saying she wants to tell me something then this guy keeps telling her to shut up and to drag her away from me so she shuts her mouth. She then tells me that guy likes me then he doesn't even make eye contact and yells that I'm ugly and I punch him then he left. I also have acne... do you think it's because of that? i feel so depressed.

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  • Hey, I have some acne too. Everyone has acne when you're 12-18 years old. It's not that big of a deal.

  • Okay, point one: if someone doesn't know who you are, it's because, like you said, you are shy and don't talk much. It has nothing to do with your looks. Second, clearly that guy liked you and was just being a defensive douche because I'm guessing you didn't give off a super positive vibe? Also, don't just punch people. It's probably because you punch people.

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