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I fell hard for my best friend but he did not like me so I settled for fuck buddy's mostly hoping he would catch feelings ... things were amazing and I fell harder and harder when we saw each other every single day .... Slowly I began to loose hope he would ever fall for me back and that he would only ever see me as a friend and fuck .. One day he decided to not talk to me for a couple weeks and start fucking other girls this caused me to hurt allot and end up sleeping with his twin brother while very drunk ... To find out he did fall for me and now hates me for sleeping with his twin .. And now I hate myself aswell because I lost him altogether as a brother friend and lover and I'd honestly do anything to have him back

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  • Snooki 2.0

  • So, he fucks around... But ths okay because he has feelings for you, you sleep with someone else believing that he doesn't have feelings for you seeing as he never showed any of them to you, you're a dickhead. With logic like that I see why you fell in love with him in the first place.

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