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Me and this guy had so much in common but i dumped him because he didnt have a job or a car. Like really get your sh*t together. He expected me to drive 40 mins. Out of my way to pick him up and walk around a mall and that would be it. I did that stuff when i was 16 ..im an adult now least we could do is have dinner. Please girls....tell me im not the only one.

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  • I dumped a guy for the same reason he lived closer than that but he just sat at home and read books all day and lived with his mom and I just didn't see a future although I really liked him a lot :/

  • i'm a guy and you right. c'mon even medieval dudes had fuckin horses to ride their girls around how come that nigga doesn't even have a car.. lel. altho i don't like cars,i ride motorcycles,if a girl doesn't like riding then i got nothing to do with her. lel

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