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My ex and i still hang out..we broke up because he never has time for anything and i hate his family and his family hates me. (Ive never had a boyfriends family hate me but these weirdos are different) well is it bad i seriously dont care what goes on in his life anymore? I dont care what his daughter's mom is doing. I just dont care...i hate when he complains about how busy his life is when he chose it to be busy. He chose to have a kid he chose to have 3 different jobs, he chose to abide by mommys orders. He lets people take advantage of him. I seriously just dont care. He owes me big time for my birthday because i did something fairly big for his birthday after we broke up. Thats all i freaking care about at the moment is him taking me out. After thst i dont think i will talk to him anymore.

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  • Call CPS and explain the hateful grandma. Invite them to inspect and meet the child.

  • you need to move on. You did your best

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