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i've been fighting with cerebral palsy all my life,and i do ok,i have friends and go to school,my family is really nice,my mom is kinda of a bitch sometimes but my dad is cool,he used to teach at the same school i go to but now he's been acting really weird,he was diagnosed with cancer but instead of just being kinda depressed like everyone else that gets cancer,he has been away all night,quit going to school,a while ago he was found naked at a supermarket! i don't know what's happening to him,but my guess is that he thinks he will die soon,so he's trying to have fun before his time comes,i think he has been cheating on my mother and doing drugs,that's the only logical explanation i can think of. me and my uncle and aunt and my mom have been really suportive,specially my uncle,but my father get's more distant from us everyday. i don't know what's happening need advice.

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  • Nice to read breaking bad (us tv show ) all over gain

  • Sorry to be a dick but.. FIX YOUR TYPING SKILLS YOU DONT PUT A COMMA THEN WORDS, YOU PUT A COMMA THEN A SPACE THEN TYPE. LIKE THIS: Hello, my name is John. What is yours, friend?

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