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i'm considered a good looking guy but i find myself attracted to somewhat ''average'' girls. like i don't get so turned on by the hottest girls as i get about average girls, i don't like ugly and fat chicks,but you know, ''normal'' girls get me super turned on. i like treating them really rough in bed and they seem to like it even more,so it's all good. but my friends always try to get to me like ''bro why aren't you fuckin *insert hot chick from school* ? she's tottaly into you'' and stuff like that,they always say that but i don't care.

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  • This reminded me of the manga Horimiya. Chapter 44, pg 18. The guy version of her.

  • Obviously you have an inflated self esteem.... but most guys do, it's expected to be honost. However you are subconsciously thinking one of a few things. Either a. you like being dominant in the relationship and being with somebody you feel is beneath you to some extent is an important factor (makes sense with the rough sex) or b. You have a view that hotter girls are fake and or to good to be true.

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