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my friends forgot my birthday :( i deleted their contact numbers.

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  • People aren't always aware of exactly what the date is and a lot of people don't remember people's birthdays and don't try to since Facebook will probably tell them anyway and normally whoever's birthday it is will remind them. You, however, are just a child throwing a temper tantrum because it turns out the world doesn't revolve around you and you are everyones number one priority all the time.

  • now thats childish. shit happens, its just a date. my dad forgot my birthday three times in a row. i used to feel sad about it but i don't care anymore. its just a freaking birthday. you get a year older but you actually didn't so shit for it right? if anything your parents should celebrate that they were able to conceive you and even that would be weird considering that procreation is the easiest thing on earth.

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