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I get a ride from my teacher, she is superrrrr hot.... the ass to breast ratio is just... magificent, I turned 18 2 weeks ago, well today she came onto me... being young, attracted to her and just straight up horny, I said yes, and god was it great, I fucked her titties her mouth, got a blow job, fucked her pussy, god, it was amazing, to finish me off a she cow girled and god, her breasts really bounce, but.. after to finally really finish me off she sucked me off as I layed on my back... minutes passed and thats when shit hit the fan, she.. without noticed asked if I liked kinky fun, didn't think anything by it, she tied me up 69'd me... then.. I felt her finger in my anus. I did. Not. Like. It. She got off of me and asked what was wrong then untied me and said she wanted to "expand my sexual horizons" Hell no, I told her sorry for taking advantage of her and to get. The. Fuck. Out. I felt bad so... next time I told her I would like to try it.... she took me to her placed went into the bathroom and came back with a strap-on... god, why? Honestly? Worst. Sex. Experience. Ever. Its been 18 hours since that... and 36ish since the anus fingering, dear god, I still walk strangely.

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  • hahahahahahhaha

  • enjoy the dick.. why not get fucked too?

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