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I have a massive crush on this guy who already has a girlfriend. My morality doesn't let me do anything about. She seems like a lovely girl and I feel like I should celebrate his happiness, but I don't know how much longer I can cope with suffering in silence. I didn't ask for this, I just want my mind to be clear again.

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  • sorry 4 the judge.first time on this site. thought i could see what people who judge u say..

  • If you were to have your boyfriend "stolen" (I hate that word for relationships) from you, how would you feel? You want a clear mind, you start clearing it. Instead of thinking "I don't know how longer can I cope with it", try "I won't hurt another person". And if you really need, talk to someone you trust. A friend, a relative, a psychologist, if you can. Complete happiness cannot be built upon someone elses unhappiness.

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