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Just got invited again for a "Class of 200x" reunion, but I don't want to go; I have an apathy to most of them due to those years of conflicts, carelessness and harsh bullying. Yet they invite me because "I was one of them", and even an old acquaintance of mine (who was with me) told me I should go. To be honest if I could vent myself and tell them how I felt for those 5 years, I could. But what would be the point of it? I can't just simply "forget and forgive" all of what happened, even if I am old enough to acknowledge such situations. They are asking me to ignore all those feelings: hate, sadness, desperation, depression, loneliness, frustration, etc.... just for the sake of a meeting? I don't get the point of these meetings; usually the point of them would be about connecting to the past and such. But lately the more I try to connect with my past self, the more I want to forget and move on. Sorry for the long post. Here's an imaginary potato.

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  • I went to mine with low expectations. Bully who made my life miserable admitted it was because he had a crush on me. It was eye opening. Go.

  • Screw those people, don't give them the satisfaction of going to the reunion. I've been abused a lot in school and in the last year i've been there i gave them a false number so that they didn't called me to ask me to going to that stuff (at the the time there was no facebook or other social networks)

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