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Theres this really awesome sweet super cool girl in my class. Shes really attractive but im not attracted to her in that way and just see her as a friend. Problem is she doesnt see me as a friend. i mean when we pass in the corridor or if there's absolutely no one to talk to whilst waiting for class then we'll have a conversation but when shes with her real friends she completely blanks me. The other day there was a free seat next to me and a empty seat in a really bad position...i thought she was going to sit next to me but she waltzed right past and went to the other seat.i felt so sad. shes not arrogant or bitchy at all, but she just sees me as just an acquaintence.... I really wish i had the personality that would make her interested in me as a freind.id like to hang out with her.

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  • OP - i told her she really cool and said we should hang out after class, i slipped into the conversation and there was no better way i would have been able to say it, she laughed and said yeah sure but it was obvious she was just being polite. I can take a hint.

  • Write these exact same words above to her. She might just get get interested in you.

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