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I had a baby 2 weeks ago, and my grandma just asked me when I plan on getting back in shape so I can find a good man who wants a single mom with tattoos and no education. I am so mad at her for that, and now she wants to come "inspect" my house. I have a 3 bedroom house, that I pay for, while running my own business and dealing with the death of my daughters father. She thinks I'm living in filth because I have two dogs. If I let her come over, she'll try and bleach every thing despite my allergy to bleach. If I don't, she's threatening to call cps. I don't know what to do. I'm not a fucking kid, I'm 30 years old and she acts like I can't take care of myself. It's not like I ever did anything to hurt or offend her, she's just mad that I made my own damn decisions that she didn't like

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  • Your grandma is so weird.

  • maybe you should let her call the cops... if they say that every things fine she has to believe it right?

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