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I talk to a girl on skype and she's so funny, Amazing and weird that i think im falling for her. Problem is i live in the UK and she lives in the USA. i think about her all the time and i just want to talk to her all day! Another thing is i dont know what she looks like (yes i know shes a girl from talking to her on skype call snapchat) as shes too nervous to send a pic of hersef as she's afraid i wouldnt find her attractive, but right now i dont care how she looks. she's just such an amazing person and i wish i could be with her!

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  • True, never delay the video/pics. Because one of you may regret it later and may cause problems, if you are going to be honest with each other then do it now.

  • trust me, don't delay the video chat and the photo exchange, it's really important, I know people try to convince themselves looks don't matter, but everyone of us got a limit of appearance that they can tolerate, take me as an example, i'm an average looking girl, never asked or chased gorgeous model type out of my league men, i always fel for smart funny ones, but still they are average kindda cute, not extremly overweight or really ugly, we all have standards, high or low they remain standards. i don't want her to get rejected and heart broken later, or you losing trust in women if she turns out something you never expected

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