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I never be able to comment on a depressed people's problem because my way of solving my depression is by praying to god and asking for strength. If I told it to those depressed people I'm scared they will hate me and think I am so religious and pushing my own believe. But, it's really works for me. It's save me even in my dead end... And I believe I can go through every problem as long as I have my god protecting me.

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  • Do not worry that someone will feel offended by your help offer. I am a child of the family of atheists and I am very grateful that my best friend is praying for me when I have a problems, despite the fact that I do not pray at all.

  • I'm glad that works for you, and I also appreciate that you acknowledge it won't work for some people. Personally, religion actually made my depression worse. But yeah, thank you.

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