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i feel like i ''dumb'' myself down in order to be able to talk to people. like this other day a friend of mine was just saying some dumb assed shit and i thought to myself ''damn,this is so far away from what i think,i don't even think i can explain this subject to this guy'' and then i just kinda agreed with him and said ''yeah... cool'' but i don't really have anyone i can talk to about complex subjects,i'm not the smartest guy but i like when i can talk to someone for hours without thinking about it,about life in general and that kinda of stuff... oh well

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  • well i do it too. when i know im right and the other one is wrong i just agree with him to save time

  • If you're soooo smart you should be able to explain something, or at least try to. Don't underestimate your friends.

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