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Staying at Desasiwa Murni is my biggest mistake ever. Why wd i choose to stay here with a roomate whom never bothered about me after a year? I have left good friends, good opportunity and good people network at the old hostel just because he invited me to stay at the new hostel with him. I feel stupid, the past two years living at this DM5 was my biggest mistake ever. Thank you buddy, you have just proved that i am not a good friend. I will try to be aa better friend one day with another circle of friend. Go stay with your other friend.

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  • i thought you would like of this fucking hostel because you said you'd like to see a different place! for fuck sake next time you go alone Joane,i'm tired of your shit. and i give you all the attention i can and you just ignore me cuz you're a drama queen!

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