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I am alone, sad, gay, and i am very depressed medical student. I feel very afaraid about my upcoming third year exam but friends are not making this easy for me. I feel like they left me, i feel like i have been a jerk to me but at the sime time i am a jerk too, despite all the good things i have done in our friendship. And i feel like i have ignored the one who are sincered to befriend me and try to friend the people who ignores me. I am here really in the need for some support and advice here not some more bashing. Please, i havebashed myself enough. About being gay, this country hates gay and i hate being gay too. I like the idea of having a girlfrined get married and stuff etc, but i just cant. Plus my penis doenst have the capability for good sex anymore, it wont stay hard long eough, this has been for th last three yrs. im only 21. It's a sad life im having butmi get to be a doctor in two yrs time if nothing blocks me, if god wills, which is nice.

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  • Do not listen to this guy.... take it politicly correct, they will help you ando you will help them some day

  • Fuck these "Friends" Follow your dreams. Don't give up on life. If you end up Celibate it sure wouldn't be fun but whether you are or not.

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