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I can't tell anyone my sexual history, they would laugh if I did, so here it goes. I was dumped in 6th grade by a girl who was cheating on me. I was pretty picky after that and not willing to date people I knew it wouldn't work out with. I became very religious and chose to abstain from premarital sex. I hoped to find a girl virgin like me, I mean it's only fair if I'm a virgin right? By my 20s I was a suicidal kissless loner virgin and was losing faith due to my situation. I met a girl on the internet and spent my life savings to go see her on the other side of the earth. She gave me my first kiss at 23. We got married and got each other's virginity. In the end though I'm FINALLY happy. The fact that everything I had done paid off restored my faith in God. It's childish and illogical, but to me it's a miracle that proves I was not wrong.

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  • Wow congrats dude

  • kinda weird but it's cool,i mean if it makes you happy. good luck op

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