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I'm sooo good at everything, i'm ridiculously smart, i know i'm god looking, never tried a sport i wasn't already really good at, i'm a gentleman, if your cold you will be wearing my jacket within seconds, i will hold the door and pull out your chair without having to think about it. I'm the funny guy as well, sharp and always ready to make you laugh. But the part i'm the most proud of is my personality, (this confession is misleading, of course i would never write or say anything like this in person, but this is a place where its okay, were anonymous) i'm sweet, i'm caring, i'm helpful, everyones friend. Btw not just too much selfesteem, not my words. But despite all this my crush can't see me in a romantic way, she told me i'm good looking, i know she loves me, she says it quite often, but i'm bestfriendzoned, other girls are easy targets, why is she so impossible, so beautiful without makeup thats other girls cant even come close, so fantasticly just herself, she could NOT be more perfect, why arent we just together, we would make the most amazing couple..

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  • You like her because of the challenge

  • if you can't even get to that pussy you have A LOT to improve. that mentality of ''i already won life'' is getting in your way to learn new things and improve from your failures. truste me i've been there.

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