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I recently moved to a new city with my boyfriend. He is here for work and has friends here as well, whereas I dont know anybody. He has somehow convinced me to live in a house with his friends and their girlfriends, even though its not what i want at all. Ive had very bad experiences with roommates and im scared as shit. My bf will be hanging out with his friends in the "games room" leaving me to hang out with some girls i dont know. Did i mention i havent met the people ive committed to live with? We just got in a big fight over it because he has not once sympathized with me or even made me feel like he cares about how im feeling. Seriously any piece of advise helps. What should i do? How do i get over this fear that its going to be a horrible living situation?! Im 27 years old and i dont want roommates :(

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  • If he can't grow up, then get out!

  • I can't trust anyone enough to fall asleep around them.

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