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I hate everything...what i am, the choices i made to get where i am, how my life is turning to be, the future that i KNOW i will hate. I know a shit load of people but i have not many friends, the fact that people around me see world worth living, where i only see a fucked up world, where you can't trust anyone because the soon you give "a hand" people want your arm, money corrupts us anyone, everybody just cares about themselves. The fact that i wanted to end my life so many times...but tought "better times will come", but stil nothing yet came that was worth it...no friends, no girlfriend...a job that i mostly got to make my parents happy...well at least i got that off my chest

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  • Well let's break this down and start looking for a solution. Having friends you can trust is difficult, I honestly don't have that, but I am happy with my wife and kids.Maybe you can forego the friends and look for a gf. What kind do you like? What would attract them to you? Places you wold go to meet such a person? How do you think they expect a man to dress? How about a job? What is your 5 year plan? How can we change that to make it better? You sound JUST like me, but it did get better. You can't wait for it to get better though, you have to MAKE it happen. That involves forming a plot. Don't give up until that plan fails. What do you have to lose? You already plan on dieing anyway.

  • Good. You already know that you are responsible for your own choice and the consequences that follow (some people will just never accept that no matter what). Now you only have to choose a life you WANT to live, and work towards it

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