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this isnt a depressive post im asking genuinely can anyone tell me the benefits of being single and the lifestyle?

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  • You don't have to constantly worry or be on Someones ass, when you just want some time alone or are having a bad day you can be alone and not annoyed at your nosy partner, you're free, you can go around with as many people you want instead of having to be loyal, basically you're free my dude no need to be tied down.

  • Excuse my grammar since English is not my native language. The story about relationships is that there is so much different ones. You get ones like my friend where he cant say or do anything he is always wrong and gets yelled at a lot, He sometimes lie to her to get away from her to have some free time and get a breather for the next day. In this case I would prefer being Single. Then one of my other friend's relationship which is really a beautiful relationship, She is his best friend, you won't ever see them really fighting. They call each other dude, they do the lamest things together like see who's fart is the loudest ( Not romantic but funny ) and if something amazing happen they can't wait to tell each other about it, the smallest things I don't even share with my mom they share with each other. They really enjoy each others company. Don't get me wrong not all relationships are perfect, they do fight but at the end of the day they hug each other and go play Xbox. So my point to all this there is no specific life style for relationships it depends who you are with in a relationship and how you forge the lifestyle. As for single well your free to do what you want, no one to tell you what you can and cannot do, no one that you need to satisfy and keep happy. Its fun, I can go out at nights with friends without asking permission but I have to admit sometimes I wish I had what my friend has. It looks much more fun to share your adventure with someone that really enjoys you for you.

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