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Sometimes I hate myself because Im smart enough to know Im being used- but I keep on sleeping with whoever cos Im dumb enough to hope he might end up falling for me if I just give him everything he wants.

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  • To a degree, the decisions you make does have a connection with a certain aspect of intelligence; but it's not your I. Q. that is to blame but your E. Q. The reason for your actions may have been caused by not enough nurturing of your self-esteem; or significant person in your life may have done something that has hurt you and the issue may not have been properly resolved. But the good thing about it is you know the situation you're in. You just need to realize your self-worth and you will see that person in the mirror on a very different light. Aim for the day when you can look at the person in the mirror with confidence, smile and say "I deserve better".

  • its same with me... sorry to hear that someone else suffers as i do..

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