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Lol about the viral vid, the teacher dragging the student into the pool. What a stupid 14 yr old kid, you know you have a gym class and yet you continued to have your hair fixed, if I were the teacher I'd drown her, jk, he could fail her easily instead of using force, now his name is damage, though the article said he is on paid leave. That is why kids on other country does not know how to respect anyone at all, because of stupid laws.

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  • I don`t know all the details, but apparently, there was an occasion scheduled right after classes and the girl did her hair for that occasion. If this is the case, I don`t think you would have done a different thing... I my country we don`t have showers in the gym and I hated how we had gym class in the middle of the day, leaving us to improvise how to deal with sweat. So I wouldn`t be quick to judge what made her refuse to get into the pool

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