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i tell people i'm from italian heritage because i kinda look like a italian guy and my last name is italian,but the truth is my family is the crazyest mix of races you'll ever find,like for real if i would take a dna test the machine would probably explode,as far as i know (and i know little) my grandma was portuguese with spanish,my grandpa was native brazilian with portuguese,on the side of my father,my grandma was italian and german but i think she cheated on my grandpa because my father is brown as fuck,so i think of him being brazilian native as well. i also know there was some african people in my family but i can't find documents or anything.. i don't feel bad about being so mixed,it's actually really good,like,i'm healthy and strong as a fuckin bull,i build muscle easily,lots of stamina,i'm really happy with my di*k size,i do well in school and i always outsmart my friends when it comes to deals or money and stuff like that. i think i got the best out of each race or something.. oh and i also know there was an arab dude in my family who was kinda famous but i don't know much

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  • You don't seem to be as intelligent as you claim, but good for you.

  • I don't even have that many people in my family, let alone all those nationalities :D

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