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I've been with a three relationships. All started with romantic proposals but all of those relationships never did last (4 weeks the most). That freaks me out because maybe it's me and not them. There must be something wrong with me. I thought that was the most terrifying thing until I fell in love with this guy. Not the most romantic person I know, but when he says something, you know it's genuine. No flowery words or any kind of that. I am terrified. I feel like crying because I never felt this. And I don't want to get hurt that's why I am trying to stay away. I am such a coward

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  • If you want to be with that guy for sooo long, be honest with him, tell him your past, ask him if there is something wrong with you, then throughout the relationship, he must be honest of there is something wrong so you can fix it, if it is not your fault then maybe because all you past bf's are not meant to be with you.

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