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5 months ago I was a drug dealer, I've stopped dealing because I wanted to make something of myself the legal way. Now I've got a job, I'm studying.. It's boring, I'm missing the thrill. I've got every decision in my own hands and the country I live in makes it possible for me to start almost everything I want. Yet, I'm on the verge to go and sell drugs again, the money, the fun, the thrill, the parties, the women and the feeling that I can do everything. Eat at restaurants everyday, buy new clothes and whatever. I don't do drugs myself except smoking skunk and I don't even drink, I don't feel bad selling because it's the people's own choice. It's easy selling drugs, the profit is big and in the country I live in, the risks aren't really noticeable.

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  • Dont go back to your old life. Try to find other things to do. Think about your future family: is it worth the risk?

  • Then wwhy the fuck did you stop ?

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