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I like more playing games than hang out with my gf. I love her, but sometimes i just want to play videogames... I dont know what to do. Should i break up?

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  • Just take out time for her...trust me I know what she feels like. My boyfriend is also into videogames, and it gets so boring when hes playing...so we decided the he would be with me for some time and play his games when I am not around..u can play games when shes not here...the problem is not the gaming but its that u play games when she has taken time out for u, respect her time and it will all work out

  • break up with her? i don't know man,if it was me i would tottaly break up with her but it's because i rarely play video games,i only play if i have NOTHING better to do.. i don't know if it's your situation or if you just really like to play. gotta weigh that so it'll make your decision easier. good luck

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