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Four and a half years we have been friends.There is no way that I will be leaving the dark hole called friend zone any time soon. Sometimes it feels like we are in a relationship but without the love part. We do shopping together, give each other advice, share moments that I don't even share with my mom. Plan vacations, buy gifts for each other and then the last element that is in every relation ship is fighting. Yes, We fight from time to time, get frustrated with each other but we make up and move on. We don't stay mad for each other more then a day. Lately, I am getting this urges that I want to grab her arm, twirl her around and then just move in for the final blow but I am to scared. I tried asking her on a date before and got a reply with " That's weird, we are just friends" this was last year. Don't get me wrong she is one of the best friends I ever had and both of us enjoy our time around each other, joke around and do silly stuff, but I wish I could get over her and move on. I don't want to lose her friendship, I want her in my life as a friend and only that but my hart won't allow it or... she could begin to like me more as a friend, but that will never happen. It hurts when guys flirt with her and I don't have a say since she is not my GF. I get super jealous for example last night she was awake till one o'clock and I thought who is the new guy. I know its wrong, I get so many emotions that I can't control, but I can hide it very well, I don't want her to know I like her it might screw our friendship like last time. On the plus side our friendship is very strong. I am always happy when I am round her, and I would carry a mask to hide negative emotions any day of the month to keep our friendship no matter how heavy the mask gets. Any advice would be appreciated

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  • I'm in a similar relationship with a very attractive girl. We spend hours on the phone and talk about dumb stuff everyday. She has been my crush for years now and not too long ago i expressed my feelings to her. She is the type to close herself off when she feels too close romantically speaking and she admits to being damaged by another guy. I let her know that i like her more that a friend. She said she doesn't doesnt like me like that and doesn't like getting close to guys because of her bad past. and what did i get for telling her my feelings? A year past and I still talk to her on a daily basis and now i feel she does like me back but not enough to officially be my girlfriend. Since she isn't my girlfriend, she has stood up on her several of her friend's weddings with other guys and dances with them a lot, her friends try and hook her up with other guys. I cant say it doesn't hurt, everyone thinks we are just friends on the outside but we say and do things that couples would say and do, but she cannot admit to herself that we are something more. it hurt when i see her talking to another guy and being classified as friends strips me from the right to be jealous so i can only sit there and pretend i can handle it. We also talk about if we married each other how we would live, babies, jobs, how sex would be. its been a roller coaster of emotions with this girl, sometimes i feel it can work and other times like it will never work. So far i gave myself two options, be patient and tell myself that there will be a reward in the end, or stop talking cold turkey cold turkey(because i cannot see her as a only a friend anymore) with her and try and get over her(it will be extremely hard and painful and may take a verry long time but not impossible). last night I went to her house, played a board game with her entire family and she let me touch her in all the wrong places while her dad was on the next room watching tv and this morning were talking about how it was, so Ive got that going for me which is nice. I'm telling you this because you will never know what will happen until you act. It might or might not play out the way you would like it to but at least you did something about it if you decide to tell her. hopefully my experience will make you think in your next step. Wish you all the best

  • Theres nk reason for u to not being the one. The one that is gonna maker her the happiest woman in the world. Just go for it .

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