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my parents are getting really rich,like they've been getting rich since 2008 but now things just got crazy. my family was really poor growing up so i learned to be a humble person,but now that they are getting rich i don't really know how to react,i live in a condo now and the neighboors are those classic rich people so full of themselves,and they treat my family like crap because ''we know you people were poor'' but i really can't seen to give a fuck. i smoke pot and twist the throtle on my bike really loud when i happen to go out late to piss them off since they've been treating us bad. i wish we could just move to the country side or to the beach so we could be rich on our own,but my dad can't move the factory now,it has gotten really big. i hate to admit it but it was nice being poor as a kid,i learned a lot from it. i still hope this doesn't affect my relationships too. i used to meet the nicest girls but now they don't hang no more,and all the girls that i meet are only trying to meet me cuz ''you're rich now,let's do cocaine and fuck on the pool'' i mean not trying to sound like the biggest jerk in the world( which i just did) but i still wanna meet a nice girl who likes when i'm myself,and by myself i mean that i still like to be that poor kid,it's my personality,i don't wanna change that. i'm 19 and i think it's nice soon i'll be out in the world on my own,my dad wants me to run the factory,but i want the challenge of coming from the ground like he did,i'm enough of a man,i can do it for fuck sake,i don't want nothing ready to just enjoy,i wanna build my own company,make my own money from my sweat blood and tears! maybe it's just my pride getting in the way.. i wish it to be for the best. sorry for the long confession,thanks guys.

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  • I would love to find someone as appreciative as you. It's hard to find guys like you and it sucks because I'm in an area where people don't give a care.

  • Go study abroad and live like a poor student 😊

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