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i've been that kind of dude that every other dude hates,if i knew a girl was ''friendzoning'' a dude i would do my best to hook up with her,and then leave her and make her cry,because it made me feel good. i didn't thought about it,i would just do,like it was a instinct or something. i've been reflecting about those things from a couple days back and it's really eating my guts out. i feel so bad to have made people cry,to break innocent hearts and to be a all around jerk. now all i want is to have a girlfriend who i can love and maybe she'll make me suffer a little so i can ''pay for my sins''. but anyway,i just feel like being nice to someone.

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  • If you believe in karma, you will fall in love with a girl that will do to you exactly what you did to those girls. Life has an interesting way of balancing itself out.

  • Go out and help some of these "dudes". Im sure they would appreciate your help. And for sure you should talk to those girls, you hurt.Good decision you have made!

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