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im 43 years old...im tired...ive only ever managed dead end manual low paid jobs because i was never smart...ive not had any kind of a relationship for a long long time...im out of shape and most of my friends have long since gone leaving me alone...its just me and my dogs...im tired...tired of trying to make things better only to be hopelessly dissapointed...i just want to go to work, get my day over with and come home relax in front of the sofa watching old tv shows i use to love with a cold beer and my favorite meal stroking my dog.

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  • I feel so bad for you, man. There are moments like these I wish it was possible to hug people over the internet. I want you to know that there are people out there who care and just want the best things for you. If I can offer one small tip. Have you tried doing voulenteer work? It gets you out of the routine you're in and you get to meet other people. And you get to do some positive work. Just a suggestion. Anyway, take care. I mean that.

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