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Why do women loose interest in me and reject me when I finally open up to them? I have been involved with three women during the last two years, give or take, and this pattern has repeated itself with all three. It takes me some time to get comfortable with someone and to open up. But when I do, they just jump ship. I never hear from them again except some nonsense excuses. I think I'm a failry normal guy, I'm just quiet. Can it be that as soon as I open up the mystery disappears? I'm a bit lost here and would like some opinions.

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  • Maybe because you don't know your homophones

  • i see it this way,a relationship is like a football game,you are one team and she's the other. see,we get a sense of joy when we can get someone to open up to us,tell a little secret,lets us into their house,a kiss,sex etc,but you gotta balance it out,if you just give a lot of points to the girl(opening up and telling everything about you),it's just not interesting anymore,see how germany was so happy when they made 1-0 but when it got to 7-0 against Brazil they barely wanted to play anymore,they just felt pity. i hope you followed this as i wrote in a hurry. hope it makes sense to you good luck

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