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I hate my people. People are uneducated and weird. I finished a french highschool in my country. I've been admitted from 2 french universities but my parents couldn't afford my studies(school is free but living is expensive). I wish I could go. But this year I am applying again. This time, I will apply to architecture schools. But I won't let my parents know. I will go there. I will leave them a letter after I leave for France and I will work my ass of to finance my studies. I WILL FOLLOW MY DREAMS!

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  • Do not bear a grudge against your parents. Do not criticise them. Do not consider them insufficient. Their love should have been enough. Of course u should follow ur dreams and your decision is impressive and admirable. But i believe that u should let your parents know. Do not leave them in the shadows. They love u and they will suffer. Consider their part. ^^

  • I hope you succeed! All the best luck for you, france is really beautiful :D I'm sure you will become a great architect.

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