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I'm so confused, i told my crush what i felt for her, but i didn't got any concrete answer back, but now i catch her looking at me, she starts little arguments, tries to mention me, but i do not know if it was always like this, if it is a sign, i really need a way to follow through after my first steps, and i can't talk to her if it isn't in person, it gives me too much time to think, enough time to give up because the possibilities are too many, i guess i ended up better than before, i was really scared of a negative reaction, but doing it, feeling my heart race, was such an amazing experience, catching her staring at me, those little moments that without a doubt can be a sign of hope or just a misunderstanding make the time that i spend in the dark, laying down, playing guitar and thinking about her worth it, it is because her that i found the love for playing guitar that i had lost a year ago, i owe her so much but i am too afraid to believe that there is hope and getting worse, maybe i should once again man up to the task..

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  • you niggas overthink things too much. like this is not a complex matter at all.

  • Grow a pair and talk to her!!!

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